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Leading holdings foster new growth momentum and grow with Davos in the summer


Leading holdings foster new growth momentum and grow with Davos in the summer

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(Tianjin North Network News) Tianjin has successfully held the 5th Summer Davos Forum, and each summer Davos Forum has brought global attention to Tianjin. A feast of thought and brainstorming provide

(Tianjin North Network News) Tianjin has successfully held the 5th Summer Davos Forum, and each summer Davos Forum has brought global attention to Tianjin. A feast of thought and brainstorming provided the transformation and development of Tianjin. Useful for reference.


Mr. Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, said at the 2018 Summer Davos Forum that Tianjin is a forward-looking city at the forefront of the new technological revolution, using smart technology and innovation as a new engine of development. In the lineup of the fourth industrial revolution, it became the 'first' city. ”


Leading a decade, a new sample of high-quality development of private enterprises


In 2006, Tianjin hosted the first Summer Davos Forum. This is also the time for the leading holding group to complete scientific management and operation, and successfully move towards a high-quality development pattern and strategic investment stage. The Group has successively invested in the operation of a number of physical industries, forming four business systems of medicine, gold, finance and aviation. At the same time, under the environment of “stable and good” in the Chinese economy, the Group has grown steadily and has become a new sample of the high-quality development of Chinese private enterprises.


Today, Premier Li Keqiang stressed in his speech at the 12th Summer Davos Forum that the future of China's economy will focus on the development of "new kinetic energy", further improve and support the private economy, and resolutely eliminate all kinds of private economy. Unreasonable obstacles. As the representative of the leading private enterprise in Tianjin, Mr. Li Jianxin, the chairman of Tianjin Leading Holding Group, was invited to attend the Summer Davos Forum.


Li Jianxin said that manufacturing is the main battlefield for revitalizing the real economy. To this end, it is accelerating innovation drive, optimizing the physical industrial structure, and actively developing new kinetic energy such as new technologies, new formats, and new models that meet market demands, and avoiding “de-actualization”. Virtual." China has traditionally been a big country in the real economy. The solid economy with solid foundation and complete industry has laid the market influence of “Made in China” and laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of reform and opening up.


After 26 years of rapid development, the leading holding group has become a large-scale enterprise with a number of physical industries as its core, especially in the field of general aviation. At present, the Group has completed industrial layout in the fields of aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, navigation operations, aircraft sales, airport operation management, training services, sightseeing and other fields, and has formed an industrial cluster and developed into one of the largest general-purpose aircraft manufacturers in the country. With more than 6 patented technologies, it is a national high-tech enterprise.


Gathering wisdom and wisdom to promote the "Made in China" quality revolution


At present, China's economy has entered a critical stage of development at a medium-to-high income level, facing economic growth driven by factors, investment-driven and innovation-driven, keeping economic growth “stable and good” while promoting the “Made in China” quality revolution. . To this end, the leading holding group attaches great importance to and focuses on the real economy.


Li Jianxin said that as a private enterprise, Leading Holdings has been involved in entrepreneurship and investment in many physical industries such as medicine, department stores, aviation, and gold for 26 years. The most important thing is to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, promote the optimization structure of the real economy, and continuously improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness. In order to improve the quality of "Made in China" and "China Service" and fit the country's overall development strategy, in the future, leading holdings will also accelerate the cultivation and expansion of new kinetic energy, promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy, and promote supply-side structural reform.


At the 2018 Summer Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang said that there are quite a lot of water in the Chinese economic pool. How to open channels, divert them, and divert them to the real economy is the key to solving the difficult problem of financing the real economy. This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. In the future, China will unswervingly open to the outside world, adhere to the "two unshakable" economic policies, continue to deepen supply-side structural reforms, focus on revitalizing the real economy, and focus on preventing risk bubbles and promoting Smooth operation in a reasonable range, more efforts to adjust the structure and develop emerging industries.


The leading holding group will also continue to do its utmost to dare to act and dare to act in the revitalization of the real economy, accelerate the cultivation and expansion of new dynamism of enterprises, and contribute to the development of China's private economy.